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Fujifilm X-T200 - no comments so far?
You call models "lines". Confusing. In my opinion, Canon (as example, to explain what I mean) has APS-C DSLR line (250D, 800D, 90D, 7DmkII), a FF DSLR line (6D mkII, 5D MKIV, 5D DS/R), maybe a pro FF DSLR line (now consisting of one model, 1D-X mkIII), an APS-C mirrorless line and a FF mirrorless line. In those lines there are different models, and over time these models get refreshed. The models are not a "line", even though you can make a time line to follow how updating models goes.

I do agree that the Fuji X line up is totally confusing regardless of what you call lines and what you call models. First, X seemed to stand for X-trans, which stood for sensors with a different CFA pattern than the Bayer pattern, of which Fuji claimed it produced superior results. You had X cameras with fixed lenses, and X cameras with the X-mount, with its own line of lenses (mirrorless APS-C). But then then they got confused. They introduced an X-A model with Bayer CFA. And they introduced the GFX line, sporting that same X while it does not have an X-mount, nor the X-trans CFA.

I do agree that they have strangely large amount of APS-C X-mount camera models currently... I count 7: X-A7, X-E3, X-T200, X-T30, X-T3, X-Pro3, X-h1. That is kinda crazy, and looking at their market share, not really a winning strategy.

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