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Canon 6D successor will be a mirrorless full frame camera
The smaller sensors have exactly the same issue. Take MFT as example as it is easy to do the numbers. Lets say a 20mm f1.4 lens (like the Sigma) vignets wide open a lot on FF. For large part due to the micro lens structure.


To get equally shallow DOF and similar FOV, you need a 10mm f0.7 lens for MFT.  The angle of light to the corners will be comparable, and vignetting will be comparable.


Seeing the relative success of the Sony A7 range, in the mirrorless part of the market it is interesting to enter FF. If one does, only a mirrorless mount will sell. A DSLR without mirror will not be an attractive deal.


So, if they decide to enter the mirrorless FF segment, it will be with a sensible flange distance, as according to Canon management, mirrorless is about smaller size and lower weight. They then would need some shorter focal length more compact primes to make the mirrorless FF make sense, and the rest can be covered by an adapter + EOS lenses.


Time will tell what the FF part of mirrorless segment will do in marketshare. 


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