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Canon 6D successor will be a mirrorless full frame camera
Yes BC, that could have been an idea, although converter/adapters are always second best choice.


I entirely disagree the advantage of mirrorless being size only or even one of the "biggest advantages". I also don't think, going small is practical per se. It makes the whole design less complicated as some difficult to manufacture parts like mirror, indirect AF-module and indirect metering module are left away - at the cost of more power consumption. The size advantage, if you compare all the high MP FF bodies against Sony is theoretically there - but then, usability sucks if I have to dive into the menu to set ISO, AF mode, metering mode and so on - all those buttons which make FF bodies also huge and partially ugly (at least not elegant) have a practical reason. Making 3...5 Fn buttons is not that helpful. It's just transfering the decision to the user and showing, they basically have no genuine idea about camera manufacturing.  Smile


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Canon 6D successor will be a mirrorless full frame camera - by JJ_SO - 12-24-2016, 09:54 AM

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