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More insane Canon zooms coming: 120-700f4-8
(06-06-2020, 07:06 PM)toni-a Wrote: Excellent work, not saying it as a compliment but as an objective opinion, not only you have excellent shots in your portfolio, but you also consistently keep those awesome shots coming, which proves it is not by luck or by coincidence you are having those neat images, thumbs up.
Your work deserves wider spread, and you deserve more for your work 600 followers that doesn't give you right, I am not a social media expert, but i know there's something that deserves to be done

Hey, thank very much Toni ....... I wasn't expecting that! 

   I do no social media these days so all goes by posting on Flickr ..... 
 ....... but I'm good with a low profile and staying under the radar!
  Have a good sunday !!
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