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New Canon sensor
I can see already its potential in medical imaging, with 3D reconstruction ability it should be a killer, for CT scans sometimes contrast media (that are slightly toxic) are given to patient to enhance image quality a CT equipped with such a sensor could allow imaging without using them , it will allow use of less radiations for imaging, and more important it will decrease CT duration, getting detailed images of some moving organs like the heart are rather difficult, just like motion blur in photography with such a sensor it will become a non issue.
Since they manage to measure distance if a Doppler technique is used on red blood cells like in echography then vascular images with unprecedented quality can be done, and since Doppler can measure blood flow speed, and we have the diameter of the vessels by CT invasive studies of the vessels like arteriography will become obsolete especially most diabetic patients having vessels disease requiring imaging of the arteries already have kidney damage from diabetes and use of contrast media can be very risky for them.
Such a CT would be revolutionary easily outclassing competition

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