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Canon mirror (catadioptric) lenses for mirrorless RF?
(05-16-2021, 09:10 PM)toni-a Wrote: If they can  make autofocus tilt and shift, it won't be  hard to make autofocus mirror lens, especially someone already did it.
Frankly I am sure they came out with something that's why they are investing there otherwise they already have the new cheap tele primes.

    I suppose the AF and IS will give them some sort of new lease of life, as the main user issues were holding a light short lens stable, whilst trying to manually focus accurately ...... which made them a struggle to use  .... 
 ........that only leaves the "elephant in the room ... doughnuts!" ...... and the art of trying by careful compose the shot so as to control them as much as possible ....

..... as per BC's poetic examples ........
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