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An R7 with APS-C sensor to be released?
(07-22-2021, 07:00 AM)ttBrightcolours Wrote: R7 speculation I would not count as "rumours", but it can be a bit iffy to make a distinction between rumour and speculation.

Anyway, 18-45mm would make no APS-C sense.... When they would choose to do 45mm, they would not do 18mm, but rather 15mm like the EF-M 15-45mm, for a cheap APS-C standard zoom.
The rumoured 18-45mm is in the vein of the Panasonic 20-60mm f3.5-5.6 (albeit I doubt the Canon will be "as video oriented" as that one).

Rumor or speculation, I came across a YouTube review video describing the pro's and cons of the R6 as a sports wildlife camera, in particular how it performs for, you guessed it, birding.  This fellow who created the post is Australian.  I don't remember his name but I did save it.  Anyway, I wanted to ask a question, and was I ever surprised.  348 questions and comments hand been made.  That in itself is sort of noteworthy, so I started reading the comments to see what was going on.

So the content creator had to repeat what he said many times early, middle, and late in his video.  The mirrorless system was easier to work with than his 5D Mark IV, but 20 MP was not for serious birding.  

That is when the rumors started.  Everyone saying that the EOS R7 with a 32 MP sensor was coming out soon.

That's when I did a search and found article after article with pictures of the R7, no less.  I don't normally get excited about rumors.  This camera has always made total sense to me.  If I could afford the R5, I could probably live with the fact that longer lenses would be needed.  But if I could get the proposed R7 and stay with what I am using now, that would be better.  People seem to forget how big these image files are getting.  32 MP is no easy thing.  Now Sony FF at 63 MP?  R5 is 45 MP?  I think I will take back what I said.  32 MP is already pretty unmanageable.  45 MP might be too much of a good thing!
@ Klaus:  I think I get you, but it might be a stretch.  You think 18-45mm (if I remember the range) is a ho-hum normal zoom.  It probably won't win any awards.

On the other hand, I seem to recall that you were glad to have the performance of the newer EF 16-35mm, but performance aside, might have been happier with the old EF 17-40mm zoom range.  I 100% agree that the 35mm length for the old 40mm was a big loss!

OK, enough!  I feel the buzz fading.  My R7 hopes are lying in pieces at my feet.


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