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An R7 with APS-C sensor to be released?
(07-23-2021, 10:18 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: Canon's current APS-C sensor is the highest resolution sensor on the APS-C market at the moment (32.5MP). Yet it is not "roasted by reviewers" and does not have "low rating".
If you use that pixel density on an FF sensor, you get a 82.5mp sensor.

Exactly ...... cropping from the R6 to APSc will give you around about 8 Mps ....... say you crop to half the APSc ........ 4 Mps ....... if you cropped the same on the 90D you would have a 16 Mps image ....... a huge difference!
    Here is an image from the AF-S 600mm F4E FL VR/ TC 14E III on the D500 (1260mm) ...... this little reed warbler was around 80 mts away .........[email protected]/

   cropped, the result was a 1.1 Mp image .......

There is a very sound market for a sports/nature ML APSc body right now ......... no market research required !!
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