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An R7 with APS-C sensor to be released?
(08-02-2021, 11:41 PM)davidmanze Wrote:   ......... he must have spent what $28 grand ?? ........ I suppose that's reasonable for a hundred years of calendars ........... 

 ........ let's all go out and spend that ......... though personally I wonder how many calendars I'll be needing!!
Are you trying to rile me up?

Basically it appears you only looked at the one photograph based on your comment.

Rob is not the only poster there, and the calendar reference basically was for the collection of posts there. The reason I mentioned Rob is not only because he is an excellent birder, but also because his compositions and PP are second to none composing, framing and PP skills.

There are plenty of people in that topic which shoot with the EF 100-500L and the EF 100--400L, with excellent results as well.

Regards, Wim
Gear: Canon EOS R with 3 primes and 2 zooms, 4 EF-R adapters, Canon EOS 5 (analog), 9 Canon EF primes, a lone Canon EF zoom, 2 extenders, 2 converters, tubes; Olympus OM-D 1 Mk II & Pen F with 12 primes, 6 zooms, and 3 Metabones EF-MFT adapters ....

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