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An R7 with APS-C sensor to be released?
I hope this doesn't sound to cynical, but sometimes I wonder if it isn't just easier to convince the sports and wildlife crowd to by full frame cameras, and full frame pro lenses because it is seriously much easier to make a lens sharp enough for a 45mp full frame camera than it is to make one sharp enough for a 32, or even 24mp APS-C camera. The challenge with making Long telephoto lenses is the size of the elements, and the sturdy construction and powerfull AF motors, and OIS groups.

One APS-C lens did catch my eye the other day. It is a 200mm F/2 prime that ships with a matched 1.4x extender. It is a Fujinon lens, and could be paired with their 26mp Fujifilm X cameras. This is not quite where we want to be as birders but compared to a FF equivalent this becomes a 300mm FOV with light gathering capablility of F/2. Reviews suggest that the extender, designed for this specific lens only would now get you a FOV of 420mm and light gathering equivalent of F/2.8. The sensor would have a pixel density of close to a 60mm FF.

The benefit of the Fuji setup it that it was designed ground up for the format it shoots. I don't know what direction they are moving, but they have a competitive edge if they keep doing more with less!


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