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Water condensation on camera/lens
Hi, Toni!

I think you are right to be concerned! 

My solution is to use sealed containers with cans of silica desiccant beads inside.  I also have carefully researched and found humidity gauges for them.  As a bonus the have a silly looking frog on them, and cost under $10.  The are for people who keep reptiles and amphibians, and the work really well.  They have adhesive on the back and you can stick in on the inside of the lid.

If you go this route you will have a satisfying amount of problem solving.  First, what size box, how sturdy, how expensive.  Then you should probably make sure that the beads you get are not carcinogenic.  I thing the ones that are pink dry and turn dark blue as suspect.  Just read the specs.  And lastly, this beads need to be re-dried periodically.  There will be a color change that will tell you, but you will also have a frog gauge if you go that route.

My method was a reaction to a forest environment were it was always wet and several lenses bit the dust before I started doing this.  The bad thing about a wet forest is that your living quarters are usually even more humid than outside because of your respiration!  Your situation isn't nearly as bad because as soon as you get out of the car then camera dries off - hopefully

This subject has been of interest to me.  I hope others will add to it.  

(my beads and humidity gauge were ordered on Amazon).


Me again,

I think maybe I did over think it.  A simple solution might be to wrap your gear in towels and put them in a cloth bag. That might work...


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