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HD PENTAX-D FA 21mm F2.4ED Limited DC WR announced
The unassailable truth is that Pentax (K) is never going to out-spec a mirrorless ultra-wide. They can get high quality, sure, but at the cost of size and/or aperture. And that's only because of the long registration distance a mirrorless lens doesn't have to cope with.
The f/2.4 maximum aperture for the D FA 21mm is an excellent compromise (with the reserve we have yet to see it's full optical performance). It makes the lens not too large, which is a must in the Limited line. One extra stop, and you'd probably have a lens the size of the D FA* 50mm.
For some, it's a deal breaker; for others, it's a small price to pay for an optical viewfinder. Guess which of these are actually interested in the lens.

OTOH the D FA 21mm Limited is quite ambitious, with 1 Super ED element, 1 aspherical element, 3 ED elements and 1 ED aspherical.
That can't be directly compared to other lenses, of course, but it's clear they did put some effort. It seems I'm the only one around looking forward to see what it can do.

And that I'm the only one around interested in Pentax, and I'm not talking about Othering.

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