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Nikon Z9 claims to have no rolling shutter ??
It will do 20 FPS (like the Sony A1 (only does 30fps with lossy compressed RAW, shutter release, the right lens, and zone AF-mode), the Canon R5. The 120FPS is basically just lower resolution video capture, with slower video AF.
Like the R3, it will offer car and motorcycle tracking (like face and eye tracking).
Weird thing from the specs: "shutter sound level control". From a shutterless camera.
The eye and face tracking appears to be on Canon level, with a nice smooth tracking box (not the nervous flickering Sony tracking).

Appears to be a solid camera, only 2 things I do not really get: the non-swivel 2 way articulating screen, and the huge "pentaprism" housing.

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RE: Nikon Z9 claims to have no rolling shutter ?? - by Brightcolours - 10-27-2021, 06:16 AM

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