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In the midst of falling interest of DSLRs and posts.........
(01-20-2022, 07:55 PM)Brightcolours Wrote:
(01-20-2022, 10:46 AM)davidmanze Wrote:
(01-20-2022, 07:18 AM)Brightcolours Wrote:
(01-20-2022, 06:26 AM)toni-a Wrote: Frankly even if I had mirrorless I would move to your combo. And I happen to own both 7Dmkii that is in the same category as your D500 and EOSRP
for birding it is surely 7Dmkii, it is by far superior
1) reach with 1.6 crop
2) viewfinder and batteries  with a MILC when you have the camera on using the viewfinder for a long time, it will drain battery and the worst if often goes to sleep mode, none of this with a DSLR you keep your eye n the viewfinder all the time you want waiting for the bird to be in ideal position
3) faster to find/lock autofocus  on the bird, while a mirrorless camera shows superiority in portraiture with eye autofocus since in portraiture you have all the time for locking  focus on your subject then tracking , in birding it's different, before tracking you have to lock autofocus on the subject and here mirrorless cameras struggle and this tiny amount of time might mean losing your shot.
4) screen refresh rate, whatever you do a DSLR will always be faster here it is physics
5) general feeling and handling, probably because we have used DSLRs for a long time, but we feel better with them
Point 3 is not right. Most newer mirrorless cameras are faster with acquiring focus. Your RP (maybe in combination with the used lens?) might not be the best benchmark here.
Point 4: high screen refresh rates are so high that your eye does not notice it at all. So, big difference with old/cheaper and new/more expensive.

 "Until you find yourself lusting after a particular lens that is not mountable on your f-mount, I also see no reason why you should consider buying a mirrorless camera. Your current combo clearly performs well."

  ....... Nor do I !

 3. Frankly I don't think acquisition of focus is much different in either pro DSLRs including the D6/ D500 / Canon and the best ML bodies ....... and I mean the best ....... AF coverage however, on pro FF DSLRs will always be a limitation .........the latest motors in pro ML lenses ....... linear motors, twin linear motors, voice coil motors etc ..... have upped the game !

4 What do you call high? ......... the Z9 is only 60 Hz

Your computer screen also does 60 Hz... Do you see any flickering?

 Nice try BC !!

    This is "nothing to do" with seeing visual flickering in the EVF  ........ at all ... at all!!

......... I am not talking about fluidity/flickering  in the EVF ......... can I make that absolutely clear once and for all  !! ....... I don't know how many times I've stated that over several threads ? 

 This is about the Z9's EVF retaining that image for 1/60th of a second ........ when the image is taken you have no idea whether the taken image is at the beginning of the refresh at 60 Hz or at the end ........ until the next 60 HZ starts ...... so up to a 1/60th sec could have past which put a "fast flying bird" in the final image in a different position to where you saw it in the EVF if it was at the end of 60 Hz....... 
 The faster the refresh rate the more accurately the EVF image will correspond with the final image on the card ......... 240 Hz refresh rate will be between zero and four times closer than the 60 Hz resulting image ....... depending on the point of the new refresh moment the image was taken ....... be it a single image or at 20 Fps !!

 ........ Why do you think Canon / Sony went to the not inconsiderable effort to have 120 Hz/240Hz  ........ just to make life bloody awkward for themselves ??

Jesus ........ do I need a drink !!
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