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In the midst of falling interest of DSLRs and posts.........
(02-18-2022, 12:28 AM)Arthur Macmillan Wrote: That yellow warbler photo inspirations admiration, envy, and jealousy all at the same time!

I am really just a hobbyist when it comes right down to it!  Sometimes I get a halfway decent photo.  But mainly I just run around taking photos for fun.  I have bought into the EOS R mount camera at last.  As always, just for the fun.  

BTW- My old laptop that I have been using for 8 years or so...ASUS Republic of Gamers!  It sort of fits that it is old, but has a quad core processor, Nvidia graphics card, and dual Terabyte solid state hard drives.  There are fanciers modern laptops.  There are fancier modern cameras.  But if you buy the right one, you will enjoy it for years and years.  

If I was getting your results...  Part of me wants to buy a D500 while I can.  I not saying that I would then be doing your level work.  I do think it would be almost as interesting as my R5 will be!  Sometimes you just get something because it makes you want go out and explore photography in a new way!  A D500 would make new things possible.  I'm sure of that!


   Well you won't go far wrong with the now tried and tested R5 ........ certainly the best value of the elite MLCs ...... actually I bumped into another photographer yesterday who shoots with a Canon 5D IV and he said the next time we meet he will have a R5 ..... so I expect to try it quickly maybe on some BIF to see that eye detect system in action ...
 Spring shouldn't be far away ...... so have fun with it !!
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