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Tokina SZ 500mm f/8 reflex announced
(01-21-2022, 08:37 AM)Brightcolours Wrote:
(01-21-2022, 07:43 AM)toni-a Wrote: Let's check their claims:

Easy to focus

Focus assist functions like focus peaking will help to find the sharpest focus point.
Less shaking

In-build multi-axis advanced image stabilization systems of mirrorless cameras will make you forget about blurred images due to hand shaking.
No slow shutter any more

Newest mirrorless cameras featuring advanced wide ISO settings can offer the photographer to choose a faster shutter speed with minimum pixel noises on the image.

none of them is a lens feature but a camera body feature...

You probably have to see their claims in the light of: issues of the past with a 500mm f8 lens don't necessarily have to be an issue nowadays, because of camera advancements...

Yea but have they fixed the bokeh of mirror lenses ?

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