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Minolta F.W. Rokkor-QF 1:5.6 f=200mm lenses
It should be good for close focus 200mm stuff, maybe closer than my 70-200mm f4? Perhaps the lens also may perform quite well with medium to infinity distance stuff (but just using the 70-200mm f4 will make more sense for that, of course).
My former large format project stalled due to that I was unable to compile the changed code needed to bypass the light/lamp need for the scanner I wanted to use. But if a new driver solution surfaces that I can use on my computer, I could use this lens as wide angle wide format lens, next to the 400mm f4 that would serve as a "normal" prime.

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RE: Minolta F.W. Rokkor-QF 1:5.6 f=200mm lenses - by Brightcolours - 05-05-2022, 07:29 AM

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