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Any reliable source for photo printers review ?
(03-30-2023, 11:16 PM)Klaus Wrote: Can't help you there - but one warning - don't go for the printers with refillable "megatank/ecotank" etc.
I got a new printer (not for photos) a few months ago and wherever I looked for user reviews - these were often marked as unreliable.
Contrary to your findings Klaus my Epson ET-2710 has been completely reliable, only needing a nozzle clean once after many months of being unused in extremely thick house renovation dust (disc cutting euro bricks) two cleans and it was business as usual, how it survived those conditions is beyond me, the Epsom ink tank series has a good reputation for reliability btw.
  I've printed hundreds of prints and there still remains 1/3 rd of the original ink in the tanks after more than two years.
 The price for the four ink bottles is 40 euros, which gives you 265 mls (more than a 1/4 of a liter !?!), print resolution is higher than most and the quality is very good for a four tank system.   
  It's the first printer I've loved and not hated, unlike Canon printers and their bad management of "no paper" warnings when it has paper and cartridges also not being recognized ...... I threw away enough Canon printers to fill a dustbin ..... drove me nuts!
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