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Any reliable source for photo printers review ?
When I was in Lebanon I used to like it a lot (except when it needed nozzle cleaning, maybe weekly is a little bit exaggerated except maybe in summer, as it was hit by direct sunlight.... that's mostly my fault....but still it was a serious problem.
I recommend calibrating printers and not only screens, problem printer must be calibrated to the media used and you spend 2 papers and 2 prints worth of ink for a calibration... but the result is worth it, what you see on screen is exactly what you get on paper... I noticed using Epson paper calibration was useless as the ICC used by the printer is almost the same as the one I will have after calibration, for non OEM paper calibration was sometimes a must like HP paper I used once, it had a magenta color cast corrected by calibration.
For some papers you can download ICC profiles from manufacturers website for example

Obviously here you are expected to use manufacturer ink.
Neglecting color management for prints can sometimes pass unseen, however better doing the job correctly and avoid unpleasant and sometimes expensive surprises.
What's the point of rising before sunrise to get the best colors and use a camera and lens with excellent color rendering, edit on a pro screen if in the end you will use the wrong paper color profile for printing and get random results....

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