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Any reliable source for photo printers review ?
(04-01-2023, 09:22 AM)stoppingdown Wrote: If you don't mind, I'd like to recap some points from my past experience in case they can be useful for others (but also for me):
  • my latest printer was Epson Photo Stylus 2100 and I was pretty satisfied by the prints;
  • the ink cost per A4 print was roughly 1€ (take it as a reference, I don't have written notes and I'm recalling by heart; it could even be the cost per A3 print);
  • I see that e.g. Blurb asks $205 for 33×28 cm, 200 pages, dust jacket hardcover (the cheaper softcover is not available for this format) — that's roughly 1€ per page and I have roughly 200 photos to print per year; so 1€ per page is my cost reference;
  • the problems were the extreme slowness and the fact that the printer didn't work well in unattended mode (I have a dedicated computer to handle printers and technically I could submit dozens of prints to the print queue, leaving me free to do other things with the laptop): I mean that when an ink cartridge was empty and I replaced it typically the current unfinished print was ruined;
  • also, the low capacity of the cartridges caused the replace operation to happen often; I'd like to be able to submit 20/30 prints to the queue early in the morning and have the prints complete by the evening, with — say — at max. 1/2. cartridge operation changes per day;
  • of course services such as Blurb also include cover and binding, but it's no something I need; the print I did in the past are stored in the original paper box and I'm fine with that;
  • on the other side, printing by myself would allow me to select the desired paper for each print; and of course the print quality would be higher.

Lots of questions there ...... Smile

Firstly it's main drawback is it's slow when printing at the highest quality .... ie 10 minutes for an A4 ... but it's worth it ......less for high quality and fast for ordinary documents .....
   Print costs, at a guess, I would put it about 5 cents (euros) per A4 .... it may even be less than that .... as I said I've printed loads for two years and have still 1/3 rd of the original ink left .... basically you never have to worry about an ink cartridges running out ... and you are never temped to buy cheapo no brand cartridges  ......  if someone wants a print I just give them away so make of that what you will!
  Unfortunately there is no short cut memory settings but I think you can batch print though I've never have tried it.
   Resolution is better than my previous Canons with no striping. I also have to boost colour saturation  ...... however, no good for B/W printing.
 Blocked nozzles isn't an issue ..... and cleaning which I have only done once, doesn't waste ridiculously expensive ink .... reliability seems excellent in spite of the ridiculous amount of dust here at the moment.
  I use modestly priced heavyweight paper from Hyper you at about 50 cents a sheet ..... lighter paper costs about 30 cents a sheet ..... so,nice and shiny and reliable.
 In short it lacks the bells and whistles of high grade printers but it does have WiFi built in and you can copy print with or without a computer.
  The A3 version would be nice !! around 500 euros.

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