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Canon RF 100-300mm f/2.8 L IS USM announced
(04-23-2023, 05:39 PM)wim Wrote:
(04-22-2023, 09:55 PM)davidmanze Wrote:
(04-22-2023, 03:14 PM)wim Wrote: Smile
I have never had problems with Canon printers. The only printers giving me troubles were Epson ones, although my office one has been holding up nicely (no photo printer, however) and, mostly, HP ones, which I will likely never buy again.

As to the R5 overheating issues; that can happen if you create stuff that is on the bleeding edge. For me it would be a still image machine, so likely no issues. And if I see the images it produces, I would buy it in a heartbeat if I could afford it.

As to the lenses: I gave up on a bunch of 3rd parties in this regard, basically because of all the AF-issues I experienced, apart from the colour casts, edge and corner sharpness issues, etc., so I prefer to stick to OEM lenses anyway. Both Nikon and canon have litigated with companies who imported their lenses from other EU-countries, and managed to close them down, supposedly because of support and warranty issues, so nothing really new in this regard. Anyway, I just use a single 3rd party lens currently, but then there is no one else who makes a comparable lens. EF-mount, but there are Adapters from Canon themselves, so no problem AFAIAC.

Since I really like the Canon UI, the fact that I can actually focus correctly manually with Canon bodies (I have a weird eye problem, preventing me from using MF with most other cameras), and the rendering their sensors, processors and lenses do, I will stick with Canon. And I am using a lot of EF-lenses with adapter still, and happy with that.

The only other system I will keep on using is my Olympus setup, with mostly Olympus lenses, and basically for the same reasons, for when I need a smaller setup. Rendering is very similar to Canon, and I just love that. I almost sold all of my MFT stuff before the Pen-F arrived on the scene, basically because I did not like the rendering of the Panasonic bodies and lenses I was using at the time, even though I liked the system a lot.

Anyway, horses for courses, and to each their own, obviously. Smile
Kind regards, Wim

Wim ... If you hadn't already realized .... I'm a provocative unreasonable opinionated bar steward with very fixed ideas ...... so much so  that if anyone accused me of being such, I would deny it vehemently ..... 
 I love a good argument ..... which is why I still miss the back and forth I had with BC .... Smile
I know, I do need to know that I am rather stubborn myself, and a person who reacts seriously to a comment made towards me, whether meant seriously or not, even if I know or realize ....
It is one of the things my lovely spouse teases me with, a lot .... <ROFL>.
I just can't help myself .... Smile
Kind regards, Wim

   Glad to hear we have things in common ....... also my strong point is my weakness.... Smile

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