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TTArtisan T&S 100mm f/2.8 macro 2x announced
(05-16-2023, 02:05 PM)stoppingdown Wrote: Poor edges for sure, but for macro — even tilted — it's very unlikely you need them sharp. I'd rather like to see the kind of bokeh quality at edges.

If you are using the tilt ahd shift function, you do need them sharp simply because the area covered by the border of the lens might come closer to the center of the sensor, so what should be normally on the borders will be at the center.
Now let's suppose you will be using it as a normal macro lens, without tilt or shift, in my humble experience the Bokeh for macro is something and the bokeh for portraits is another thing, for macro shots my Canon 100mm macro has a lovely creamy bokeh, one of the best I have seen, for portraits bokeh is very good but not as good as the bokeh with macro, just my own experience

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