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Pentax FF roadmap
Long time lurker (6 years give or take), finally I got to the point I had to write a post. The Pentax  FF system is geared towards existing users, the APS-C K mount on the other hand is more competitive even today compared to the other DSLR systems, but with the current state of m4/3 and Fujifilm X I would propably bought into them instead. Big Grin


As a legacy system FF K mount is more than adequate, peformance wise, if you are into sports photography you know that only two brands deal with that sector. For new users I think full frame, all brands, is over-hyped. But new users are in short supply for at least 5 years. Big Grin And smartphone users don't usually engage with photography rather it is a means towards being into social media.


To sum it Pentax demise is overrated. My 2 cents. 


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