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Pointless Canon DPP compatibility issues
The point is that DPP4 started a new code base (not a further development of DPP3 but an entirely new version), and they decided to slowly add the more current cameras to the cameras supported by DPP4.


Differences in CFA, noise profiles, features in RAW, lens profiles for DLO and other corrections, it all needs testing, development per model. So, with the new version they do not support years and years old cameras and operating system versions. They started out with supporting just a few current full frame models, and by now have expanded the supported cameras to a bunch of APS-C DSLRS, theentire M line up, the advanced serious compact line up.


They made sure that one can install DPP3 and DPP4 next to eachother on the same computer, even. Seeing that DPP is new a source of revenue, and the advances they made in DPP4, personally I think they do a pretty good job. They have made choices on the size of the software development teams.


So I can't process old 350D and 450D files in DPP4. DPP3 still does its job.


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