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Announced: Samyang AF 45mm f/1.8 FE

The bokeh is a bit harsh, isn't it?
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You must be seeing different images that I get to see... Pretty good bokeh, nothing harsh about them...
I see nothing to complain about in the bokeh in Christopher Frost's review.
I think it's rather nice actually.

But the CA jumps out at me, even where there's not that much constrast here and there. I'm a bit disappointed. It's not the sharpest lens, but I can live with, but that CA issue is gonna bug me a bit. My initial thought was that the CA is a deal breaker, but I'm always checking for it in any photo I edit and sometimes you have to deal with some and sometimes not. I'm sure an import preset with some correction already dialed in will fix most if not all of it well enough for casual shooting.

This guy linked to his very simple test shots here in raw format, and his shots shows it even more, even if they are quite poorly executed. Instead of calling his video "Best Sony lens?", he should have called it "Blitz fast test within seconds after receiving the lens."

For some reason it also focuses rather slowly. It's ok sharp in the middle wide open, but not so much towards the edges. I rrrreeeaaally hoped that it would set itself apart from the Sony FE 50/1.8 in those respects, and now I'm not sure which one to get anymore. I might as well give up on finding a really good 40-45/1.8 for casual shooting, so that's out of the window for me. And even the decision to just get this one and be done with it, is not so simple. The $399 price tag (and it'll be more here in Denmark) means that now we're getting into the territory where I start to expect more from a lens than what I've seen in the test images so far.

Dammit ...

(EDIT: I've toned down my disappointment a bit. It's really not a good performance but it seems to be "sufficiently" controllable in post.)
[Image: Torben%20Lysholm%20Fotografi%20-%20Signa...skygge.png]
The butterfly image as well as the dog image are a bit soso I thought.
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
I watched the review by Christopher Frost also ...... a good reviewer actually ....... simple, no numbers, but covers the most important of things .......the lens's rendering.

Considering all the possible multiple spilt edges that could have been but weren't, I'd give the butterfly image the thumbs up!
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