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APSC - FF sensors
I picked the Fujinon lenses I know how they compare because I own them. After a period of intense usage because I also was hoping FF is not necessary, I went back to FF before Nikon Z came out. Today I don't use Fuji much, I don't like the handling of them too much. Yes, for most pictures FF is not "necessary", but as soon as I want/need to crop or want to print A1, it's a different story.

At the end of the day I want to bring home some good pictures and prefer the system which doesn't come in the way and doesn't bother me more than necessary. If I would by totally happy with Fuji's ideas about handling, I might have gone GFX, but for my needs FF is large and fast enough. I can't separate sensor size from usage of the whole system - what good would it be to buy the "right" sensor size (whatever that is) but taking pictures is a hassle?
Let's face facts. MFT is good. APS-C better. Full frame even better and medium format beats all of them, would you invest in medium format?
All depends on your needs, if you just want for screen viewing any modern camera would work, you won't see any difference up till very high ISO.
IMHO full frame is really needed if you want large prints bigger than A4 at high ISO.
If you do commercial landscape photography or you are into fashion photography, don't hesitate medium format or full frame are for you, otherwise you will be happy with whatever you get, no worries.
Interesting comments. Thanks for you opinion.

Today, I have to say that I am happy with my Fuji XT2. I know its not the best camera in the market, but I love the handling, the construction, the feel of this camera. On the other side, I have friends with Sony A7s or DSLRs FF bodys that purchase images with a different "look" or "texture". And the ISO performance is better in this cameras that mine. I know this.

Anyways .. right know I think that its time to wait: Nikon Z and Canon R are very young systems. On DSLR side Nikon D750 its a great bargain now (great camera, and a very interesting price) but I have doubts about invert in a DSLR body now.

Since I have doubts, the best decision could be to wait.
I agree: if you are interested in Nikon Z, Canon RF... or the L-Mount Alliance for some reason, this is not the time to buy. The systems are very far from mature, and there are things to fix in future camera bodies to make them more usable (especially for Canon).

I am considering switching to Canon RF, due to those nice Canon lenses, but I am holding until I see: new sensors, better UI (what is the point of that touch bar?) and third party support (specifically, the Tamron 17-28 f2.8, to complement the Canon 24-105 f4 and 35mm f1.8 macro).
(08-28-2019, 01:41 PM)brisco Wrote: ... On DSLR side Nikon D750 its a great bargain now (great camera, and a very interesting price) but I have doubts about invert in a DSLR body now.

Don't take a step backwards from mirrorless, even if tons of DSLR-bodies will become supercheap.

The only reason to look into DSLRs for me would be if battery life is critical and long standby times are a must - or you like to watch wildlife through the optical finder and push the button once in an hour or so. But the disadvantage of adjusting lenses to the AF system and the impossibility to shoot silent (except in LiveView, but then you could also use a lighter and dedicated mirrorless body) is a no-go. Also, you're used to judge the final picture in the finder, you're also used to enlarge the focus zone in the EVF - that all is not possible on DLSR.

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