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new Leica SL full format mirrorless camera
   It looks a class product and no doubt is, but we have only seen the headline specs, ( price) . I also wonder how much of the camera is in partnership with another company vis a vis the viewfinder. 

  It brings Leica out of the cul de sac range-finder bracket with it's compromised OVF when using wides and teles and makes a Leica finally a versatile camera for any focal length, in line with a, dare I say it, DSLR, even without the reflex, although they have been there before!   The 90-280mm  lens will send traditional Leiconians's heads spinning.

  As for the sensor Klaus, I think there's little point in having Leica glass (when you've paid their prices) on anything less than 24 Mps, in fact I'm  truly surprised that they didn't use 36 Mps. I'm hooked on that Mp size both in APSc and FF.



   This brings Leica into the new world, 

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