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new Leica SL full format mirrorless camera
Quote:Thank you Leica. At least now I know what Klaus finds "super-hot". Affordable fast wide-angle from Sigma - not so hot. Cameras you have to sell a kidney for: hot
. Lenses you have to sell the other kidney plus a liver: super-hot
.  :ph34r:


Don't forget the fire-extinguisher, when shooting and don't be astounded if there's banding of the super-hot camera sensor like it was in the M8 and Leica didn't exactly run for fixing those issues  Big Grin


I must say, I like the design a lot, it's very unique and looks very well thought and made. What worries me are just the parts not coming from Leica and the tremendous amount of money you loose just when unpacking the jewels. After few years it will become outdated and Leica doesn't offer newer, better sensors to replace the "old ones".

I will still stick to Fuji ;-)


This (the SL) is as "super hot" as a Lambo but there are realities in life.


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