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new Leica SL full format mirrorless camera
Quote:Leica has always attracted a certain portion of the market. They don't do mainstream - they never did and it'll never happen.
Honestly if money didn't matter I'd probably buy one. But unfortunately it does.
To expand on my original comment, what I meant was only Leica could possibly get away with something like this. Parts of the design really do interest me, other parts make me wonder what were they thinking. And that's even before you put the price into the equation but I wouldn't expect any less from Leica.

"fastest ever AF" claims are getting tiresome. We reached "fast enough" in most of mirrorless-land years ago. Making it faster is no longer directly significant. In the same way some phone manufacturers seem obsessed with claiming thinnest ever phones, it serves little purpose outside marketing. If they said "better than DSLR at AF tracking" that would be something else, and I have wondered if single AF were fast enough, would it essentially brute force that?

The EVF sounds nice. That they're offering a longer focal length zoom is interesting. For the long lens alone, if cost were no object, I might have been interested to try one out. Actually, that they're zooms is also somewhat surprising as I've always seen Leica as more of a prime focus. The body aesthetics, I'm not sold on the Leica thing. I know Leica never intend to go mainstream, and this certainly doesn't change that.

On the eternal MP count debate, I would have liked to seen 36 or more if I were to ever get one, but they probably stayed lower to help with the fps count/buffer.
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