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new Leica SL full format mirrorless camera
  That 90-280mm F2.8-4 must be megabucks "et encore", a true monster!  


  I think it looks fabulous but very angular, OK with small lenses but with the above on board I just can't see it being nice to use for long periods or even a couple of hours.


"Is that thing the end to the Leica S system?"


   I think not at all, first off 24 Mps just won't cut it at the very top level, secondly the new S2 is cheaper and faster than the first model with a CMOS sensor trying to compete with the P. D645Z. 

       Still scratching my head about not having 36 Mps, at this quality/price level with lenses to match I'd say it was a mistake! Probably brought about by the electronic viewfinder and burst rate, also an inordinate jump from their previous slow speed now to 11fps.  Leica owners are going to have to go through a process of "metamorphosis" to profit from it!  No doubt there will be amphetamines in the accessory pack.  :o


  "This is as "super hot" as a Lambo but there are realities in life".


   This is a misconception that Lamborghini's are hot!  I drive one regularly and I think they are totally over-rated! ( I will post a photo of it next week)   Rolleyes


  Finally let's have a little guess amongst us as to the price of the body and the three presented lenses!


  My guess is, $8500 for the body, $8,000 the 90-280mm, 24-90mm $6500 and $5,500 the 50mm F1.4;



  Total cost $28,500.... Dollars here, but could be pounds or euros!

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