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new Leica SL full format mirrorless camera
I would be very surprised if the internals are not mostly Panasonic design and manufacturing. The V-log mode is certainly a give away since it is the same on the GH4 (Btw the 4k video is only in crop mode.). If not them somehow leica managed to suddenly make state of the art electronic designs after being far behind for years. 


Anyway aside from the higher resolution finder and 11fps I dont see how this is better to the Sony, especially considering it is more than double the price of the Sony. Aside from the nice build quality obviously. 


Also just to stir the pot, it is a bit tiring to keep having the term "german engineering" thrown around in the press about products such as this. It is probably Japanese anyway but regardless, when you have such a high selling price it is easier to design high performance. Such "German engineering" is impressive when it is better and cost competitive $ Smile


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