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new Leica SL full format mirrorless camera
Quote:Anyway aside from the higher resolution finder and 11fps I dont see how this is better to the Sony, especially considering it is more than double the price of the Sony. Aside from the nice build quality obviously.
My thoughts, too. Seems to me that Leica wants to fill a niche that simply isn't there. Those interested in a full frame mirror-less system already find most of their needs fullfilled with the Sony A-7 cameras and lenses. What's missing in today's A7 cameras can easily be added to future models... and given Sony's usual camera body upgrade frequency, we won't have to wait long for that to happen.

Sony clearly has advantages over the SL in terms of size, price, availability, lenses, AF ("world's fastest"? Oh, come on, Leica...), ergonomics,... And let's not forget that you can adapt almost anything to E-mount. And not just "anything Leica".

If I wanted to invest that much money in a new system and wouldn't mind the size, I'd probably be much more interested in a Pentax 645 than the SL.

-- Markus


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