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Interesting ...
... the Sony 85mm f/1.8 is visibly "shorter" than the Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8.

Will be visible less expensive also?

Quote:Will be visible less expensive also?

Well, the Zeiss has an image stabilizer on top (but then the current gang of Sony cameras have that built-in anyway).

Yeah, many comparisons have shown it to be wider.

From that video I don't find the difference in FOV to be that great.

Notice how every review on youtube must feature the mandatory hot model.


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Sex sells, simple as that. Smile

By the way, how do you measure the true focal length of a lens? (I know some sites do that - say, before it gave up reviewing lenses altogether)

It is pretty difficult to measure/calculate the true focal length of a lens at different focus distances. It already is a near on impossible task to find an actually correct formula which takes into account the distance from the lens' focal point to the imaging plane, and then to find a correct way to establish the front and rear nodal points, needed to asses the distance to the subject correctly. 


To measure the focal length at infinity to some degree of accuracy is easiest, as the errors from subject distance and not taking into account the imaging plane distance become more or less insignificant.

Well, I had to move the tripod for one of the test scenes (Batis vs Sony).

Whether this is relevant ... nahh. I was just ... obvious.

I know about focus breathing, yeah. I've seen it in all my lenses - I'd estimate the change may be about 10%, but that's a very rough one. Smile Both of these may actually hit the same FL but at different focus settings.


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