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... and at last we're going to have uncompressed RAW from Sony
The issue is that they have had lossless compression in the past. They decided to make it lossy, and made a big error in their algorithm, which produces rather nasty artefacts in contrasty edges (if the conditions are "right").


What you now will get, in for now 2 models (A7S II and A7R II) is uncompressed RAW, apparently. This will mean huge files.

Canon offers since as long as I can remember lossless compressed RAW. Nikon offers, if I am not mistaken, lossy compressed RAW without errors, uncompressed RAW, and a choice between 12 and 14 bits format.


That Sony is starting to offer uncompressed RAW is not because of DPReview, it was announced they (Sony) were looking into it finally when the A7R II was announced. I hope for all those different model Sony owners that they will not limit the error free RAW to these two models (maybe the older BIONZ processors have hardcoded RAW handling, lets hope not).

And I hope that they will come up with a lossless and error free compressed RAW format like Canon. It is not that hard to do it right. But yes, provided that their Bionz processors/architecture are able bypass hardcoded algorithms, 


To give an idea: the 50mp Canon EOS 5DS® files are around 60MB on average (detailed and less detailed images), The uncompressed 40mp Sony A7R II files are all 81.4MB.


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