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... and at last we're going to have uncompressed RAW from Sony
Quote:Some Nikons offer(ed) lossless compressed 14 bits, lossless compressed 12 bits, lossy compressed 14 bits, lossy compressed 12 bits and uncompressed 12 and 14 bits. That is a bit over the top, in my opinion Wink
 I'm not sure of the initial reasons for Nikon's lossless compressed/compressed..12bit/14 bit options, but I may hazard a guess it was to do with sports shooting and buffer depth or at least in came in handy for a higher buffer rate. I (re)joined Nikon with the D7100 which as we know is renowned for it's paltry buffer;


   14 bits lossless compression 5 shots @5fps.

   12 bits compressed             9 shots  @6fps

    Crop mode 1.3                  9 shots  @7fps.



  The D750


    14 bits lossless compression  14 shots @6.5fps

    12 bits compressed                19 shots @ 6.5 fps.




 It's a shame Nikon seems to struggle to offer a generous buffer, the D7200 is a big improvement but none of these three cameras can match Pentax who  must be doing something in the way of compression with their RAW files.

  At launch the K5 could shoot 8 shots @7fps, not much later they released a firmware which gave 23 shots at 7fps. That upgrade didn't seem to affect the file quality. The K3 achieves a classy 8.3 fps for 23 shots. 

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