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... and at last we're going to have uncompressed RAW from Sony
Quote:I doubt that the improvement of number of shots with the K5 has much to do with RAW file size. The K5's file size was just a bit bigger than that of the D7000 and 60D, and they could never have cut that by a factor 3. There is only so much you can save (size wise) with lossless compression.
 The file size of the Nikon's 12 bit compressed isn't that much smaller than the 14 bit, 20Mb vs 27Mb, yet give 80% more frames. 

  Something had to have changed on the K5 however, I never did check out the file sizes because the very first thing I did was to put in the new firmware.  More to the point is that Pentax achieves 23 shots at 8.3 fps at 24Mps the same Mps as both the D7200/7100 and the D750, and they can only make it to 14 shots.

   The difference in quality  from what I can see is marginal when shooting sports/birding as images tend to be less demanding than say trying to bring up shadows in night scenes and high dynamic landscape shots. The problem with the Nikon D7100 and it's banding issues prevented you from forcing shadows too much anyway.

   Am loving the D750 and no banding!
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