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Windows 10
There's a free software that can help:


The basic privacy settings can be accessed during the setup phase. DO NOT use the express configuration at the end of the installation. Do a custom configuration here (easy).

Klaus, thank you for your advice.
W10 upgrade went fine. LR kept shutting down while switching to develop mode. After some search on adobe forums I disabled the help of GP. Now is fine. I thought it would be much harder to complete this task.
Quote:W10 upgrade went fine.

If one wishes to start with a "clean" system, a new installation is better than an upgrade.

Installing new is also possible with W10 ... you have to register on an MS server in order

to get the W10 key (which you need for the installation from a downloaded iso-image).


After that, you have to reinstall all applications. While this can be a real PITA (depending on

how many different programs you need), you have the chance for a nice and tidy installation

to start with.


I bought a small 11'' notebook (mainly for travelling ... to backup images and do a bit of processing).

It came with a preinstalled W8.1 ... I clicked the "update me" button straight away ... anyhow,

the W8.1 installation decided to first bring all the missing 8.1 patches in, before upgrading.

So I ended up with about 7.5Gb download ... half of that to update W8.1 to the latest

patchlevel, and the other half to install W10 ... and a bit to bring W10 to the latest patchlevel.


So far, the only really strange thing that happened to me with W10 was while I was using

the prerelease W10 builds. I had (for testing) an encrypted systempartition (with truecrypt).

When a bigger W10 update (in fact an entire new prerelease) was published, it would entirely

and repeatedly fail to install. This only stopped, after I unencrypted the systempartition again.

Then it would install. (After this, I could again encrypt the partition).


Just my 2cts on W10 ... Rainer
NSA and GHQC don't like encryptions  :ph34r: In case of a fresh PC with a preinstalled "older" system it might be faster to start with the latetst - if that's possible and you need to install your stuff afterwards.


I'm not a huge fan of "clean install" vs "update". In theory, I understand why it would be better. But the question is, how clean are the apps you're about to install? How clean is the OS? How long did it take you to get them work, to set up the suitable settings, how much work is adjusting the preferences? 


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