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Sony will concentrate on FF
Quote:If hype is so relevant (and I'm not arguing against), the size-factor will be also important. I mean, "mine is bigger/longer than yours". From this point of view, mirrorless will always be a loser with respect to DSLR.
I think it is more an ergonomics thing. Small cameras are not nice to hold, not nice to operate. But they are weight and bag friendlier.

My 6D feels very good, grip/hold wise, and the controls are adequately spaced. Tiny mirrorless, like my M, are quite a disaster ergonomically, and the medium sized mirrorless (like Sony A7 series, Fuji X-T1, and such) are not that much better (I do try to hold them in shops at times). 


So, one can go either way, there. Hype the small size of the mirrorless bodies, or hype the ergonomics and substance of well built DSLRs.
Quote:So, one can go either way, there.
Exactly, but it is not about hype - it is simply a more and more diversifying market addressing different needs. Nothing wrong with high DR Sony sensors btw. Tongue
While Sony are advocating and wanting to dominate the FF market they are also bringing out cameras like the RX100, which is minuscule and looks absolutely fabulous. With camera phones dominating the photomarket showing clearly that small size and convenience is what matters to actually have a camera on your person, I still struggle to see the principle market being FF. 




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