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A good RAW converter for portraits
Quote:A program that is also capable of producing goot output is Adobes Lightroom.

(I wonder why this hasn't been mentioned yet).


(I used it a while in this setup). I personally do not like the GUI ... I also do not like

Adobes way to import everything into its own "library" ... 
 I mentioned Lightroom but am not using it because of? GUI and this rental software thing.


But it was planned as a photo organizer, so this part belongs to it. If you don't like it, use Adobe's camera Raw, which is the same converter as the one working in LR - just without the organizing part.

playing with converters, DXO is amazing but very slow.

capture one old version (6.0) is good the skin tones tool is the best part dunno if it got newer additions with newer versions, till now the best combo is DPP plus photoshop, howver what I am trying to  avoid is just photoshop 

Did my own non scientific test. Nothing to with scientific reviews I see on the net.

Took 300 pictures to print taken with Canon 5D Mk III, 7D and 50D.

Processed all 300,pictures in the three converters and measured total time I spent on PC (time to set settings for pictures not time needed by PC) then after conversion each JPF file was renamed with a suffix. I only kept one of the three versions of he pictures.

My results: For time spent DPP is the least time consuming by far, less than one fifth the time with DXO, DXO and capture one were close however DXO is the slowest.

As for the number of versions selected DPP was winner by far especially for daylight portraits where its skin tones are the best (merely 100% of photos selected were DPP converted)

In mixed light and too dark shadow areas DXO did the best job however DPP and capture one were good enough.

Finally I found that DPP is FOR ME the raw converter I prefer the output and the least time consuming

But this is me
And this is the situation when you compare two old versions of RAW converters with a contemporary (? or is that an old version, too?) DPP. So, good you found your "winner"  Smile

When I was still a medical student, whenever I asked the professor for  which therapy should I opt ? his answer was always the same: the one you master better and for which you have all the tools to finish nicely what you have started.

same applies here, Maybe capture one and DXO are amazing and give greater results, however with the small amount of time I can invest working on pictures and since I am very well used to DPP, I opted for it.

What's the point of having a 50 MP camera if you never print and only post low res pics on the internet ? same applies here

Just got a new PC with core I7 processor.

downloading capture one.

will calibrate the screen and give it a try

tried all three.

everyone has its trong points:

DPP runs even faster on fast computers. wonderful colors. still the best.

Capture one: I have the ability of fine tuning the skin tones, excellent addition, looks clearly it designed for fashion photography.

DXO the best for badly exposed shots or pictures with harsh shadows.

Which one did I choose ? all three are excellent however I still prefer DPP, as for the others they will have very occasional use and can't justify keeping them, DPP plus photoshop is still the best option


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