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would a faster CF card speed issue ?
Hi all, I am using Canon 5D (the good old MK I) and very happy with its image quality and performance except for its very limited buffer.

After taking 4-5 pictures in a row I have to wait for the buffer to empty before shooting again. I am using SanDisk 120X CF cards would I gain some extra speed (buffer)" with newer fast cards ?
The question here is just how fast a card can the 5D support? I think that would determine in part if you can get something much faster to help out. Now, 120x cards aren't exactly fast, supporting up to about 18MB/s. In a quick search I've found one user statement that the 5D doesn't support UDMA (66MB/s) and the next lower speed standard would be 33MB/s or about 220x.


Maybe it would be possible to buy a more modern card to test out? Cards around 200x speed are nothing special now so should be found for moderate cost. At worst you get no improvement but you'll have another spare card.

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