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xrite i1 studio is out, is it an upgrade for colormunki photo ?
xrite just launched i1studio, color calibration for screens printers and projectors, colormunki photo can do that as well, and in a pleasant unexpected move they are offering the new software complementary for colormunki photo users, what's the difference between the two ?


I was very pleased with printer calibration done with colormunki photo, its calibration for the desktop LCD screen is perfect, colors on screen are exactly those on prints, however for the laptop screen it's a poor perfomer, would the i1 studio  software correct this issue ? or I have to get their newer i1 studio hardware ?

It's silver. And has probably a cheaper receptor in it. Other than that, it is a fresh painted colormunki. Hopefully with some improvements in handling.Like turning the inner selector wheel without pushing the calibrate button. A better strap would also be nice although I have to say, though the colormunki is filled with sand, not a single grain went out over the years...  :lol:

Tonight will download the new software update, let's see if it handles better laptop screens, otherwise it's not their fault if my laptop screen isn't up to the job
Hmm, on my colormunki software there is also a button for laptop screens. But I always thought, that bit was to make a difference between CRT and LCD monitors. And at the time of the colormunki software (my version is really old) there were no LED or retina screens around. So, here the new version might bring some improvement.


Please share your experiences with it. I used to calibrate my screen, but it turnt out to be difficult or impossible of calibrating one of these "ordinary" A4 "photo" printers which are just office printers. I cannot switch of the OS's default profile for Epson or Canon. And so far I didn't jump into the big ocean of printer ink to buy a real photo printer.

I am using Epson L800, it's really brilliant on it, however for profiling and printing i disable the color correction in the printer, also bear in mind that each paper type needs a profile. I noticed for Epson paper the default system profiles are practically the same as created by calibration for the same paper type , so using OEM paper and ink will give very acceptable results.

For screen calibration there seems to have new features in the new software like ADC mode on my laptop the screen had issues with shadow areas that looked black sometimes, issue partially corrected

You are using less than a top of the line printer for printing D850 pictures, such a heresy such a profanation crime against the Nikon god

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