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next PZ lens test report ... almost there ...
Make your guess (tested on the 5Ds R) ...  Tongue

Sigma 24/1.4

If so, then ouch

Canon EF 50/1.4 or 35/1.4

Must be Canon...
Quote:Sigma 24/1.4

If so, then ouch

Bingo. But no ouch. You'll have to get used to such charts ...
Over at Sigma rumours I just saw an article about shooting an air show with just two primes. 70 mm macro and this 24/1.4 Art lens.

<a class="bbc_url" href=""></a>

Corners are overrated anyway if using it wide open. I've be been using it the last week on a couple of lowlight occasions and am pretty happy with it. Didn't compare directly with my 5 year old Nikon. Yet. But the weaker will go into sale and I'm guessing that won't be the Sigma.

Quote:Bingo. But no ouch. You'll have to get used to such charts ...
"Ouch" was for twofold reasons. First, I thought that it looked quite poor in itself, but then started to put the things in perspective, remembering the 24/1.4 L II graph that wasn't very exciting even on ole' 5D Mark II. And I happen to have bought one at the (typical) exorbitant price some time before the Sigma was announced. So the second reason for "Ouch" was more personal in nature.


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