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I need a new machine ...
Quote:Klaus, I would still disable the AV software, or if you can exclude this specific type of files from scanning.

Is ACR faster?

Will try C1.

Yes, C1 is a magnitude faster - on my machine I am getting about 7-8 images out of it per minute.

And the results are a magnitude sharper.

Ok, C1 will be it for the 5Ds R - with just a mild amount of sharpening (and no NR).

BTW, it's also interesting to see how dirty my test charts are ;-) With the other cameras, this wasn't noticeable. 

Like wise DPP is taking about  40 seconds to deal with the raw files from my 5Ds. DxO will process a file in 10 seconds with the Noise Reduction set on "high quality". I'm finding DxO's Lens Softness control a bit aggressive: halo inducing.


Hum. I was thinking about this issue and I think the problem is the camera not the computer. If you were to trade your canon 5ds-r for something more reasonable like the E-10:


your slow down when processing raws would vanish.

You need a new,less Mpx camera...How's DR? DxO reports only 12,4 EV on your new wonder camera, which is roughly the same as today's compacts and 1-2 EV behind the competition...

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