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Mr. Boooombastic and the last (?) Dinosaur
#22 sorry to hear that you caught a cold, that's not good while the nights are so chilly now


....and oops, not impressive samples is not too impressive is it....might it be that this gear is more for pro studio shots, quality lighting, portraits, advertising spreads, architecture - big files & detail for extensive post - oh well, we'll see soon enough i suppose


....hope that you get well soon, best....  
I think the 11-24mm f4 UWA shots were not yet that impressive, scene wise  Big Grin and that the remark was not so much about the 50mp body?


Indeed, colds are annoying.
My remark was about the 'artistic' quality of my shots. I haven't done any technical analysis yet.

However, I am pretty sure that the 11-24L is great ... on the 7D II ... ;-)

I wonder how this lens compares to the Sigma 12-24, which, to paraphrase one of my favourite bands, has been dethroned & uncrowned as the world's widest rectilinear lens, taking the Voigtländer 12mm with it into the honorary exile. Smile Still, the Sigma would hold a lot of appeal for those who are not involved in the oil industry and do not work for the entities with the word "agency" in their titles.

Doesn't that camera appear to look a bit massive behind the lens? <_<  Or does the camera appear to be behind the lens at all when you look at it?  :wacko:


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