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Pentax K-3 II announced
Quote:Thanks Photozone for tests I consider clear and credible. I recently sold my Sony 6000 and many lenses because I finally had enough of Sony-phony marketing. Anyway, I am considering the Pentax K3 II because it offers quite a bit for the money. I also was impressed with the lens test results on Photozone. However, the K3 II has a 24mp sensor whereas most of the tests were done on a 10mg sensor. Should I ignore those test results?

Since I am systemless for the first time in 50 years, is there another system you would recommend. Picture quality is of prime importance, but portability is also desirable since I am 1 72 year old and thats why I went mirrorless with the Sony.

For portability mFT is best. Sensors are mostly 16 MP (apart from GX8 which is 20 MP), but how large do you want to print and how much hard drive space do you want to fill?
Do note that MFT uses a 4:3 aspect ratio (except some Panasonic GH models, they have an oversized sensor which offers different "native" aspect ratio settings that don't just crop the 4:3 image). If, like me, you prefer 3:2, look at other camera lines.


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