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new Fuji flagship camera coming ...
I'm still confused. What does this brick offer over the x-t2 - esp if video is not your primary application. I mean yes I see ibis but you can get a tiny olympus with probably a better implementation. Did i miss something major new feature ? personally of the current fuji the x-e3 is more my style overall.

You can as well ask what does the X-Pro2 as "the other brick" offer over the X-E3? OVF, not much more?


LCD on top, better grip, better ON/OFF, better shutter button, better buttons overall and roughly same price as X-T2 (app. 2.000). Little changes, but for my hands, I have to use the battery grip. Without that the whole camera thingy behind the 100-400 feels like a GoPro behind a 70-200.


For me, the brick would be the better choice today.


edit: after flipping through some of DPReviews descriptions, I can add as well: higher resolving EVF, touchscreen, harder clicking dials (the ones for X-T2 are too easily moved), tons of configurations (with all downsides) and a t least two different sets for movie and stills mode - yet still no banks... I don't get that stupidity: If the settings increase in quantity, they really should offer comfortable ways to customize it for more than one situation. But then, they added illuminated buttons and top display, most welcome in dark places.

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