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Fuji X-E3 reviewed at dpreview
They seem to like it quite a bit:

The two missing features IMO: weather sealing and tilt screen.

I'm quite tempted myself, but I think I'll wait until Fuji releases a body with IBIS... ;-)



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You mean the rumored X-T2S?


The camera store also likes it:


Actually I don't know if I should regret it has no tilted screen. In this camera clas, my reference still is and remaisn the fully articuated screens liek Canon G1X III still has or as well the Nikon P7700/7800. These "tilt-only" screens are unfinished stuff and only good for landscape orientation.

I had used X-Pro2 when it came out and surprisingly I wasn't that bothered by the lack of a tilt screen. Might be because I have one of those half-assed-hinged-tilt-only screens on my A7. 

My usual thing with the G11 is, flip out the screen and hold that part in the left hand, so that I have a good sight to the screen - and then aim the rest of the camera towards the subject I want to take a picture from.


With the Nikon D5100 or the P7800 it was different. The joints of the screen of the P7800 were more stiff and the LV with the D5100 was always and awkward thing to do. Waiting until the mirror ballet danced 'til the end. Most of the time the situation or the focused object was gone, mostly both  Big Grin Never tried Olympus, but Canon did an awesome job on that display.


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