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16/1.4 APS-C mirrorless - not bad, Sigma!
Strictly spoken, I can't know how bad or good the lens will be, but 16/1.4 DG DN Contemporary is a useful lens in APS-C. Given the usual high quality Sigma can deliver, it should be a very nice wide-angle.

I agree, finally there is a 16/1.4 for Sony APS-C users. One of my favorite focal lengths, personally.

Looks pretty awesome,  APS-C  users are starting feeling abandoned in the absence of new pro lenses, almost all new lenses are cheapos, besides that's a lens without real competitors

You realised it's not a DSLR lens? Strictly mirrorless for Sony and µ4/3, not even Fuji is addressed. Pity.

[Image: anger-20clipart-angry-clip-art-258_179.jpg]

Who really cares for APS-C DSLR shooters anyway? Big Grin 


Except for releasing higher end bodies like 7Dm2 and D500, nobody really cares anymore. Just release a few dedicated zoom lenses and force them to go buy into FF if they want nicer lenses.

Exactly. There are still good APS-C lenses around. Better ones won't be cheaper than the FF versions. If one needs some steps higher IQ, a bigger sensor is the way to go. Other than that, APS-C plays a role for birders and sports photogs.

Fuji users have an OEM lens with these stats, so they're the ones with the least reason for complaining.  <_< I do wonder however why this lens is branded as C, and not A, when the ridiculous (spec-wise) f/2.8 primes were all in the A line.


Not that these designations ever made much sense, anyway...

Careful with "ridiculous"! [Image: motzi15x18.gif]


Big Grin What if that lens is "C" priced and delivers "A" performance? I also have no idea how Sigma decides to go C or A - the 30/1.4 is an A? No, also C*. And it's DC DN while the ridiculous ones are only DN (= only mirrorless, but not "only APS-C"? wtf? [Image: dknow23x18.gif])


* and no, it's also Art, but these are two different lenses. One for APS-C DSLRs, the other © for only mirrorless.


So, that might make some sense. Not that I'd care about anyway...


And you have no idea about what Fujistas can complain. "bring 4K video to the X-T1, you can do it Fuji, it's only firmware" I think, next to the gods of Russian hackers are the demi-Gods of Fuji firmware, they can do everything you just need to tell them.


[Image: rotfl28x25.gif]

Well, the MTFs seem to be fairly decent


Albeit the green line is just at 30lp/mm (Oly provides 60lp/mm figures here).


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