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16/1.4 APS-C mirrorless - not bad, Sigma!
Quote:A real shame Sigma doesn't make any of their APS-C mirrorless lenses in Fuji mount.

I'm sure Fuji users would be very interested.

I'd definitely be interested in it. There is never too much choice anyway.
There haven't been that many to start with... and no FL/aperture combinations that haven't been covered (if roughly) by one native lens or the other. Of course, the price is another matter...


However, the Sony E mount users may not have all that luxury...

(and Joachim, note the word spec-wise in my comment - I'm not deriding the performance of those lenses, just pointing out to their very pedestrian stats).

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16/1.4 APS-C mirrorless - not bad, Sigma! - by Rover - 10-24-2017, 02:46 PM

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