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Well eat your heart out Pentaxians. Full Frame Pentax announced
Quote:  Well, it is rumored that Hoya would have never alloud to make FF, so we should thank to Ricoh. Another rumor is that Pentax will reveal new roadmap on CP+, and it will include quite a few FF lenses. Yet another rumor is, that Pentax had FF (24Mpx) some time ago, but when Canon 6D and Nikon D600 were announced, they decided to wait and redo what they had.

  Concerning old lenses - FA 31mm, 43mm, 50mm f1.4 and 77mm are still in production, there is DFA 100mm macro, and in Japan one can get a new FA 20 - 35mm f/4. DA*55, DA 50mm f1.8, DA 70mm Ltd,  DA*200 and DA*300 are usable on FF also (DA*55 and DFA 100mm macro were tested on Sony A7R, link is here, and look decent enough).

    So, let's wait for Christmas.



DFA 50mm Macro also.


Problem with the FA lenses is probably the coatings...the digital coatings reduce purple fringing caused by reflections off the sensor.
The 55 looks pretty miserable in that test but it might suffice until there's an updated version... Thank God for Sigma. Smile

Good to see Pentax is still going ahead.

I'm curious to see the FA limited lenses on Full frame digital.

Walkaround of the plastic blob over at DPreview:

Can't help, I don't recall the last time I saw a more ugly design of a camera: it's a matter of personal preferences but in design Pentax never had anything charming to offer. Except maybe the 110 system, that was cute.


Says me, the former Pentax owner  :unsure:


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